Juno's cancellation and no show policies

If you'd like to cancel your ride and you haven't yet been matched with a driver, just click "Cancel Request" at the bottom of the screen.

If a driver is already on their way to pick you up, tap the driver panel at the bottom of the screen. A few options will appear and you can click "Cancel Ride" to cancel your request.

Note that you will be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel more than five minutes after being matched with a driver. Alternatively, you may be charged a no-show fee if your driver arrived at the pick-up location and cancelled after waiting 5 minutes or more. 

The cancellation & no-show fees for Bliss rides are $5 fee, while cancellation and no-show fees for Lux and SUV rides result in a $10 fee. 

A notification will appear on your app before you complete the cancellation, notifying you if you will be charged a fee upon cancelling. 

If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact our Support team at 1-844-JUNO-USA (1-844-586-6872) or send us an e-mail at help@gojuno.com.

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