Basic troubleshooting

With tens of thousands of Juno drivers on the road we know that a few of our drivers will run into technical problems with their devices. Here are a few of the common issues we see and what can be done to fix them.

If your issue is not covered in this section, or the steps listed here don’t solve your problem, please call Juno Support at (855) 586-6872 so we can help get your device working again.

Problem: The device says ‘no internet connection’

Solution 1 - Cellular Data: Check to see that your cellular data is turned on. Place your finger at the top of the device and slowly swipe down. A menu of icons should appear including a "Data" icon with 2 vertical lines. If the "Data" icon is gray, tap it once and it should turn white, turning the data “on”.

Solution 2 - Airplane Mode: Make sure your phone is not set to Airplane mode. In the same menu of icons where you found the “Data” icon, you’ll also see a picture of an airplane. You can turn airplane mode on and off by tapping this icon.

Problem: The GPS navigation is not working properly

Solution 1 - WiFi: To improve GPS performance turn on your WiFi. To do this place your finger at the top of the device and slowly swipe down. You’ll see a WiFi icon, which you can turn on and off by tapping. Even though you may not be connected to the internet turning your WiFi on will still help.

Solution 2 - High Accuracy Mode: Go to your Juno device’s settings and scroll down to where is says “Location” (it’s in the “Personal” section). Tap “Location” and then “Mode” and choose the “High Accuracy” option.

Problem: Waze and/or Google Maps is not working

Solution 1 - Clear Cache: Go into your device settings and click on “Apps” (it’s in the “Device” section). Tap “Waze” or “Google Play Services” and then tap the ‘clear cache’ button. Go back to the home screen and restart the application.

If your issue is still not resolved, please let us know and we will investigate further.

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