NY TLC Driver Fatigue Regulations

NYC's TLC has recently implemented new guidelines to ensure that drivers rest properly so as to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers alike.

Here are the highlights for the new guidelines:

  • Drivers cannot transport passengers for more than 10 hours in a 24-hour period.
  • Drivers cannot transport passengers for more than 60 hours in one calendar week (Sunday through Saturday).
  • In order to resume picking up passengers or go back “Online,” there must be at least 8 consecutive hours in which a driver should not have any passengers.
  • The hourly limits are based on the time a driver has a passenger in the vehicle.
  • Time spent on “Busy” status while driving for another service, “Online” status while waiting for a Juno ride, or the amount of time driving to pick up a rider, is not included in these hours. 

Compliance with these regulations is vital to us as there's nothing more important to us than driver and rider safety. In addition, this data is reported to the TLC and your account will be placed on hold temporarily should you exceed the daily or weekly limit. 

You can read the regulations in full here. If you have any questions with regard to these rules, or if your account has been placed on hold, please contact us at 855-586-6872 or via email at drivers@gojuno.com.


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