Apple Pay

You can now pay for your rides using Apple Pay. 

Apple Pay allows users to pay in apps like Juno without manually adding their payment information to the app – instead, payment information is stored securely in the iPhone itself and can be accessed in apps like Juno by using a fingerprint read.

If you have available payment methods in your iPhone's Wallet app, you can ride with Juno without having to enter your Credit Card information in the Juno app. 

Please note that this means that riders may have paid with a payment method not listed in their account. Any payments made through Apple Pay will be indicated with a nifty Apple logo. 

As a security mechanism, cards used through Apple Pay are randomized, so the 4 digits you see in Support are not the actual 4 digits on the back of the card. This can make ID Verification nearly impossible for Apple Pay users should one is needed. For now, if you need to verify their account, use an actual card on their account (not Apple Pay). We are working on a more permanent solution.

If ever in doubt escalade to Fraud/ID Verification. 


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