Payment Structure

Juno collects a 10% commission of the Subtotal (Base Fare + Time + Distance) + Surge from drivers.  Drivers receive the net amount after deductions for this commission and for imputed states and local sales taxes and Black Car Fund surcharge that would be imposed on such fare. 
For example:
Base Fare: $2.55
1.72 Miles: $3.01
18:31 Minutes: $6.48
Subtotal: $12.04
Surge 20%: $2.41
Subtotal+Surge: $14.45
Juno Commission: $1.45
Imputed Sales Tax: $1.15
Imputed Black Car Fund: $0.32
Driver Fare: $11.53
Juno collects state and local sales taxes and Black Car Fund surcharge from the rider and remits those amounts to the appropriate governmental authority. Note that due to various factors, including discounts, credits, promotions, and upfront pricing, the actual fare paid by the rider as well as the actual sales taxes and Black Car Fund fees payable to governmental authorities might be different than the amounts shown to drivers in the Driver App for a specific ride.
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