Finding my rider at the airport

When you receive a ride request, the pickup location will specify at which terminal and pickup your rider is located. If you can’t find the rider, please call, and as always, you must wait five minutes at the pickup location before you can cancel the ride and receive a cancellation fee.

LGA Pick-Up Specifications:

Per the Port Authority's instructions, pickups at LGA between 10pm to 6am will be directly at Terminal B (departures level only). 

The pickup locations will be:
  • LGA Terminal B, Concourse A&B
  • LGA Terminal B, Concourse C&D
Between regular hours (6am to 10pm), pickups will go back to normal, meaning riders will have to take the shuttle bus to the pickup area for you to collect them.
For any questions in regards to airport pick-ups, please give us a call at 855-586-6872 or email us at
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